- Felda Sahabat, Bandar Cenderawasih, Lahad Datu [keeping up with the dormancy; I am such a bad, bad blogger]. 17th of January 2017 (Tuesday), 07:30AM
Hello, fellow readers. What is up, homies?! This will be a pretty long post, with pictures do the talking. My friends and I were having fun times on our vacation to Semenanjung last month. The thrill is still in my veins, I am afraid that I could not control myself and go for another take. I wish to be going to Sarawak, since it is the only state in Malaysia which I have not been able to go. I do not know. Still considering it. But anyhow, here are top takes. There are plenty more to come, I do not know if I could find the time.
So guys, I have not been able to be as active as I would, due to circumstances of me being a teacher. In and out, it is an interesting job. I reckon, half the fun is seeing your kids laughing at your jokes while doing the works you give them. Oh, this is during Rio's wedding.
 Still waiting wedding cards - sorry, card - from these two.
The most exciting place on Earth.
The most delicious looking mosque.
I envisioned him to be marrying with white cream theme. How right was I...
Can I cry? Because my best friend right here is legally taken.
We questioned the motive behind some of the structures in the Wakaf Che Yeh. I thought, that is terrible; did we really left out with nothing as a topic of conversation? (although, I often find solace in silence. I love silence. I hope my tour-mates do, too. Do you?).
 Our guide and driver.
Will be posting more :)

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