The Other Selves

- Tawau [psychology]. 05th of April 2016, 5:46 AM
Wiesel said that you are the sum of people you have met in your entire world. And the consequent of that is, parts of you belong to others, as others' belong to you. We are mirroring an image of our friends and vice versa. If this is so true, I am a very beautiful man. And my friend, you are a beautiful creature. We all are beatifying one another (let see if you catch my drift). Bhahahaha.
On my right, Abang Ikram, our senior. He is studying for Masters Degree right now. He is such a charm; people around him would hug and talk to him. Now, if only half of that ability is passable from friend to friend, it would mean a world to me. Seriously.
My bae-s. Hahahaha. No, actually they are more than that *sisterzoned*
One of my most powerful associates. He rocks at handling things.
A wise, old man. Kidding. But seriously, he is as wise as any old man. Likes Korean dramas a lot, though.
#budakdibelakanggarisankuning's Friend.
G'bye! *waving*

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