Tawau [six months hiatus is certainly beyond any forgiveness]. 4th of April 2016, 2:56 AM
As you can see, this post might be one of the most pathetic attempts ever made at trying to revive/resuscitate a dying blog. I am genuinely sorry for whatever damages this hiatus has caused. I literally do not have any reasonable excuses to back up this fault. I truly am sorry. So, can we start all over again, shall we? (Oh my God, this does sound very pathetic, does not it?).
If you were to ask me darling, my life is not quite up to what I had in mind. I have not produced any book of my own. I failed to at least be on par with other in my last examination. I did not succeed in the debates I participated in. Ahh, nevermind. I am not going to soak this pathetic post with pathetic sobbing. Edited: In order to preserve originality, and as a lesson to never abandon your blog, I purposely leave all grammar mistakes which I have made unfixed. Let this be a reminder to all of us (especially you, Sven!)
 But I'll have to say that I have lived it. Like, I enjoyed it. So very much.
Maybe a little less scrutiny about it and a constant appreciation is what gives happiness room and space to breath. You must be kidding to expect both rigid seriousness and happiness to live in the same room. These two do not clique. They oppose.
 They oppose like an idealism of a great blog to an undeserving lack of attention its owner gives.
Like past memories which leave so many unhealed scars to future which provides potentialities and hopes.
(I damn miss this wall)
(I damn miss my crazy side. Kidding. Still have it LOL. Shown only to the privileged few)
(I damn miss this comfort)
So, this might be a false promise, like the manifesto of a politician; or downright hope like that of the lost sailor; but I will try my best to update this. I cannot think of a worse end of an entry. A promise. Well, it is getting early. So long, and lots of live, fellow readers.

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