Glitz 'N Glamour

- Bandar Enstek [after a looooooooong hiatus].1st of September 2015, 3:53 AM
Hello guys. Guess, I have not been a good blogger. So, a few weeks ago we had this appreciation dinner thing, and we were supposed to buy new clothes just for the sake of not getting embarrassed for not having anything to wear. That night was the night we -- January 2012 intake -- looked the most dazzling. There were glitters everywhere. So much that I could not breathe well. Just kidding. We did have a fancy night, though, so to speak. Especially women. I knew they would have this silent boutique war. Hashtag: girl, beverlyhills.

 Not 4S
 Sending Dato' Zulfadhli to a function.
 My brother. We are two of the top officers of Grammar Nazi Association (Seremban Branch)
 Two gorgeous ladies :3
The meal was alright. But my standards are higher! Hahaha :9
 Amir Aizuddin, a.k.a The Repented Rihanna. Only we know why ;)
 Buddy! May God strengthen us u_u
 ORITEK members.
 MRSM KoKi alumnis. A bunch of an unfortunate students, maybe?
 I was like: "WOOOMEEEENNN!!!" in a scary Halloween-y boogieman's voice.
 Hail the king!
 The Ulu-Ulu People.
 Two rani-s. They were beautiful.
 Selfie time ;D
 #BadNerdScience hunks.

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