Pulau Pinang (i)

- Pulau Pinang [enough said]. 20th of March 2015

Would you look at that... the blog is so smeared with spiderwebs and dust. It has been more than eight months since I last updated it. I feel a bit guilty, but most of all I feel disappointed. I am trying to regain momentum in blogging (and honing my language skills, I hope), so do keep your fingers crossed. And keep my blog read ;)
So, recently I have been wasting my time in Pulau Pinang. Its constantly bustling traffics, its hot and semi humid air, its strong sense of opposition (ahahaha) is killing me. But anyhow, the food and the people, the culture and the mood create a combination that has been doing it a fair amount of justice so far. So yeah...
So, do visit Pulau Pinang.
Thanks :)

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