Jeram Toi

- Jeram Toi, Pantai, Negeri Sembilan [cold as hell][oh, the irony]. 17th of January 2014 
Since I am on air, I might as well update our recent "natural short vacation" at Jeram Toi. The view is perhaps conservative to the ever developing Negeri Sembilan, and man; the river is a great stream alright, except for the countless visitors who came in and out. I hate people. I seek for much lonelier atmosphere, but I think this place did me justice.
All right reserved. Sorry, Levi's.
These are them. My friends.
As I stood under facing the waterfall, the water just kept on pushing me. The subtle force would make everyone feel small and powerless.
He initially refused to get wet.
The jungle welcomes every visitor kindly. The soft breeze and the twigs that dance in its rhythm...
Looking for a better spot.
My classical 'selfoot' perspective.
Just realized I put all the picture in counter-chronological order.

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