- Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory [cold as hell][again, the irony]. 29th of January 2014. 
The original plan was for me to join my fellow pals to an ice skating experience. It turned otherwise; I went shopping while my friends were busying themselves skating for hours. I did not feel the need and craving to do so, but I sure got jealous as I was seeing them sliding effortlessly on the shining, cold floor. It has been far too long for me to feel that kind of freedom (my camera phone sucked here. I do not know why).
I plan on having my ice skating experience in the real deal situation.
Winter in America or after blizzard in Östergötland, Sweden.
 Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada (plus side: the good people there)(stereotypical me).
Anyway, our lunch.
 Hope you guys are married. *mounting rifle*
Shopaholic me.
'The Loaf'. Great choices of pastries. I personally love the fish mini pizza and I-dont-know-what-I-just-eat-crunchy-loaf bun. God, must be the longest connected words ever. Hey, if you are to visit Malaysia, spare some time to go here. Besides its wonderful (nope, no sarcasm intended)(okay, a little) ice rink, the shopping experience is killing.
Going back (someone buy me a Pentax) :).

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