Midnight Expression

 -  Tawau, Sabah [choo choo]. 21st of December 2013 
Are you ready for a midnight expression? If so, buckle up and sit tight, 'cause it is going to get all rough and bumpy!
So, I was accompanying my mom to go off to town to do some grocery. Truth is, I just wanted to lay my eyes longer on this majestic land. It has so many potential to be developed into cultural heritage town. I language spoken, the mannerism practised, the colorfulness of foods, goods and whatnot. I just cannot get enough of this lovely town.
Our particular lecturer coined it as "daerah cinta dan kasih-sayang", or "the land of love and affection". No, as its redneck citizen, am not even mad because it is legitimate. I share the thought. Although lately some bad things have happened and might have scarred that label.
The other day my brother teased me, "I bet you couldn't wait to get back to your college". Hell no! If I could stay much longer, I would. There is nothing in this world can deny that howsoever obvious feeling. Besides friends and forsaken academic, what does Malaysian Peninsular has to offer? No offence there, fellow Peninsularian. Just making my point straight.
For a sickened heart, this district has it all; vibrant cultures, delicious diabetic-summoning delights, lovely people, traditional boats and commercialism you cannot take your eyes of and landscapes you would not be bored by. And me. Ahahaha. Kidding.
To sum it all, this land has life beyond your expectation (now I sound like a travel agent).

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