- IPG Teknik, Bandar Enstek, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan [I accidentally typed 'Kuala Lumpur' just now. Oh how I miss life there]. 12th of August 2013

It's been a lunatic weeks. With foot march event, forum, and all other activities - not to mention mountains of works that beg to be done - I rarely have the chance to update this blog (my Malay blog is an exception. It's a dosage I need to take almost everyday]. I'm not going to say sorry, since that's inappropriate in this sense, but yeah. I am.
Tambunan. I think I'll retire and settle down here.
Apin-Apin Highway. This, I believe, is the longest straight road in Malaysia. You can hardly see the end of it.
Mechanistic education, bureaucratic requirement.

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