Higher Truth

- IPG Teknik Enstek, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan [d ._.|]. 16 July 2013

Let me tell you a bit about who I am and what my aspirations are.

I am a servant of God. Although I'm not that pious nor too knowledgeable about my religion, I believe I won't be able to handle things well, if it isn't because of Him. To Him I prostrate and unto Him I seek shelter. I didn't try any other ways of living because they simply don't worth a day's life to be spent on. Being a believer has been quite a resourceful decision.
I need friends, mentors, companions, advisers and of course listeners. I have been nipping my buds of privacy simply because I could find any reasons to trust anyone. I have secrets unbelievably important, but wanting to be heard, I couldn't just share to anyone. So far, I haven't found one. I've tried several of my friends, none qualified.
Achievements? I pursue 'Higher Truth'. I have no hunger towards achievements, I want to have them because they're my only ticket to achieve the 'Higher Truth'. Medals, trophies, certificates, cups, plaques... they worth nothing compared to this thing I'm desiring.
I aspire traveling around the world, picking up all those missing pieces of inner me God threw and scattered all over the world. One in Paris, one in Venice, one in the North Pole, another somewhere in cold Europe, and the last one in Mecca. I'd glue them together, fit it into my hollowed self, and rest; waiting for Him to call me back home.

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