Zoo (i)

 - National Zoo, Kuala Lumpur [hell yeah awesome!]. 18/04/2013

We went there, cleaned animal shits (literally) and had fun. I went back to college with bull's shit as my eau de perfum. I love bulls and cows. They make good steak =)
 Food Committee arranging our food outside the zoo. Polysterine is a no-no in this zoo.
Lunch! :D
 Oh hi there!
 Tasha. My kakak here. She has helped me a lot.
Selfie of the year: with a giraffe I named Debbie.
 Monkeys monkeying around, doing their monkey business. Stealing other animals' foods.
Lela. A sick rhinoceros :(
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Photo: Me, myself and I (haha)
Camera Kudos: Sven &Tqa Amer

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