- IPG Teknik Enstek, Negeri Sembilan [can already hear the plane's tires screeching against the asphalt]. 23/05/2013

The moment I'm writing this, it's already evening. I should be on the field, exercising like any other teenagers and hunks (LOL). But no, I'm already fit. I don't see the needs. Kidding (I, in fact, am one of skinniest guys in this college. No offense there, skinny kiddos). Anyway, I've emptied my Sony Xperia S into my laptop.
Four beautiful wives friends of mine (oh God, dude, put that axe back! I'll retract my statement, I swear!). From left: Syahirah, Syafina, Nadzirah, Nadiah. Hey, they rhyme!
 Manhattan's Fish Rice. Boy, was it delicious!
Have gained a few pounds. My target is around 60-63 kilogram.
My all time lover. 

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