Bird's-Eye View

- OKK Abu Bakar Road, Tawau [I'm home, homie!]. 26/05/2013

So as the flight I was in was on air, I took a few pictures. It's illegal, I know. But one doesn't simply ignore the bird's eye view. This - aerial shooting - is the only thing that I favor up there. I don't like the pressure change, the stewardesses let alone the stewards, I don't like the donuts they offer, for they are too sweet. I just love the imagination that I'm much closer to Heaven, and how it must feel to look from it.
 This is Putrajaya. On the left region, you could see the Putra Mosque.
This is on Kota Kinabalu's seashore.
I think this is near the rural part, where they have the smoke mechanism as a mean of communication. Kidding. Sabah is soooooo far advanced than that.
I saw a camel, poking its head from the bushes of clouds.
And of course, Tawau.

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