Self Pursuit (iii)

- IPGM Teknik Enstek, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan [I am a sad, sad friend of his]. 15/02/2013 
Every now and then we fall from where we were. We lost knowledge on what we were pursuing, and for whom we pursued it. Those insipid moments (no, neither bitter nor sour) are what have been building us, and been our building blocks. The things that we thought would destroy us, strengthened this very body.
We might be born weak, but we are not meant to succumb to this reality. We are meant to change and make changes. To find out what we are and what we used to be, and choose to be either or to be something else.
If only people could see how strong they are... (this is my hidden wish).
And unleash themselves from the ruin of their faults and mistakes. And rise like kings of the savanna, which strut at hardship but not among their people.
In us resides a hero. I am not friggin' joking. I have seen it in some of my pals. How powerful that hero is, making changes to even people around it.
That is why self-pursuit is important. You may not know how weak your inner hero is...
...or how strong it is compared to others'.
I have found my hero within.
It is as strong as any superheroes are. Except it will not die, not until I allow it to.
I am proud to say I have become less sensitive, less affected by people, whether they like of hate me.

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photo credit: Sven
kudos camera: Aizat

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