Self Pursuit (ii)

- Malacca [sighing]. 17/03/2013

I wish people could see that this blog is more than just pictures. I wish they would delve and learn something from and about me.
 'Self pursuit' entails endless agony and  suffering, letting go's and giving up's.
 My self pursuit is searching for fragments of lost me. I will tell you why (do read, if you love me. DUH).

 Sometimes, a rush of scene comes to me. In my mind. I see landscapes and scenes I think I have seen before, people I have met in my walks of life. Yet, I could not recall where and whom. I get scared, sometimes. I do not know what is it, but those flashes always come again, and again, and again.
 I cannot know how but, I always thought those flashes are glimpses of my past. I even once, went to a point, questioning my origin. "Am I really the son of my parents?" Seriously. What a pathetic son, I am...
It just happens all the time.
A few days back, another one came. I was in a four-wheeled, heading to a certain desert at night. The sky was filled with stars, a blues song was rolling. Another vehicle, similar to the one I was on, was in front of us (!?). I am damn sure, it was not a dream (it did not happen in my sleep). I closed my eyes and it zapped.
 Up to you guys if you think I am making up stories.
I have got a prayer to catch. I will continue, later on...
(maybe I spent too much, writing things)

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