Self Pursuit (i)

- Malacca [I'm one, tired guy]. 14/03/2013 
Life is tiresome. Living it is the most exhausting thing of all. And searching for its meaning is even more weary.  But for the sake of God I carry on. Seriously. Only for God. If it was not because of His disfavoring words about committing suicide, I would have been seven feet under the ground. My face emblazoned on any newspaper with a caption: "Teacher trainee found dead in a noose". Terima kasih, Tuhan. Thanks, God.
This guy whom writes this very caption is simply tired. Tired of all the things he should have not touched and be involved in. Tired of all the people around him, whose mouths and hearts just could not stop from discriminating him. Okay, I am being too dramatic.
 Something is seriously missing from me. What? I could not tell. I mean, I myself do not know :S
Do wait for the sequels.

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Photos credit: Sven, Aizat Akram, Apeq.

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