Two Sides of World

- IPGM Enstek, Labu, Negeri Sembilan [epiphany]. 02/02/2013 
Campus life rocks hard. Yup, that "rocks hard" works in both ways: it is hard, and it is awesome. This means life is somewhat has two sides. And get this; you can choose to have which. It is your life, after all.
So, if it has this quality, why do we choose to make it hard? To make it looks dull and sullied? If these two sides of life is subjected our decision, why choose to defile it with whines and anger? (It has become harder for me to get my point across. I do not know why).
I mean, life is too short for a whine to spent on, man.
I always have this sudden epiphany along the lane of my life. Sometimes, it comes from what people have to say, sometimes in a form of phenomenon, sometimes it is from myself, and sometimes, it just suddenly comes and stay. And leaves.
But about life; I refuse to be overtaken by hardship. I do cry, for I cry many times. But I cry for good reasons, not because life sucks. I cry to not being overtaken by it.
I seldom look life as reality, but hitherto as a friend. I do not need it anyway. I can be just an empty can residing at the edge of a road in a middle of nowhere, or a log washed ashore on an endless stretch of beach, if God wills it. But no: I am Mohd Yassin, an idle blogger. Hahahaha. Yes, I am.
But when it does hurt me, I try to maintain sovereignty over myself. I do not want to lose this silent tug of war I am having with it. In reaching a successful end of life, yes; life is a strong contender.
 Ads: this is more a wall than a door. It is rarely opened.
To be kept reminded how delusional this life is, despite its vivid beauty; I always say this: "Yassin, if you whine, it's a sign you're losing the grip". I do not want to be defeated. I want not myself to be wasted on thinking how life should have been. So, I choose the better side: to rejoice.
I mean, if you cannot change it, why do you have to be bothered?
Why do not we just smile happily, after each cry; just to show life, how enduring we are? That we cannot be easily overtaken. It is not to make life feels bad, but works simply as a consolation to our suffering hearts (of course life has no consciousness).
There are times we should turn a blind eye, ignoring the pain is we are going through. Of course this is hard, even for me. "How can we pretend we are not suffering, you dimwit?" asked myself. Well, is there anything else you can do? 
If no, build a kite and let it floats in the undulating stream of moving breeze.

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