Running For?

- IPGM Enstek, Labu, Negeri Sembilan [tiredness paid off]. 23/02/2013 
It took me hard time to believe what I have achieved today. Maybe to some it is nothing special and perhaps mediocre, but for me, it is a triumph of a lifetime. Today we had our 'Larian Mesra' (Leisure Run) which for me, not even close to its name. Mere nominal. We had to run 7.5 kilometers. I did not break the finishing ribbon, but, I have had something more profound to myself than that.
We are all contestants
We are all runners
And losers are not those who do not fight. They are simply those who give up sooner
Do not get me wrong. You are not a winner unless you have conquered yourself.
And those want so much to beat others, and have done so, are still losers if they could not conquer themselves.

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