Frozen (i)

- Lake of Innovation, Labu, Negeri Sembilan [inno-much?? Haha]. 02/February/2013 
I am not some photographers, you have met in your life. I am simply a guy who loves to understand how the past look like from present sense. That is all. I am not going to sell my pictures or whatsoever. They are all mine! Muahahaahahaha XD
The problem is, I love to judge a photo. In fact, I am very critical at it. When I look a photo, I see a paused moment of life. I do not see emotions, I just feel them flowing off the photo. This is both a problem and an advantage.
One or two people whom I call colleagues are actually very good at photography. Some through study and tutorials, some simply through experimentation and based on daily life experience. At the expense of this, they manage to come up with stunning images. I envy them.
If you ask me, how I judge a photo, I would answer, "It is all about you, enjoying the moment. If you find a certain split second enjoyable, shoot it". Do not seek to ask yourself this: "Would my fans and friends be liking this perspective or that? Would they find this particular scene feasible of their liking?"
Once you have learned this, you would never be bored, staring the same image you have caught, everyday. Because therein lies a 'frozen' you; a 'frozen' scene and a 'frozen' subject(s). You would only need to glare it with emotion to de-froze it. And there you are, enjoying another life's subtlety.
I do this in my works. Even though I have no certificate or recognition whatsoever; I enjoy my life and style. Seldom I feel empty but refilled once I look back into my photo album.
Zudien is one, extreme photographer. All is about perfect angle, man.
My favourite style. As if the Sun is in my hand. Feels great, man.
Going back :')
As I passed them by, I could hear these anonymous shrubs whispering goodbye's while waving semi-frantically.
Good night, folks.

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