- Tesco Extra S2, Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan [spree]. 09 February 2013 
So, our allowance has been successfully banked in. I was more than glad, since my wallet was almost "thin as air" (I meant to say, 'so thin'. Hey, why did not I just say so?). Amer invited me to do some shopping, unfortunately, we missed the bus ('twas my fault). Thank God Saiful Amirul, Aisyah Hadi and Syalviana were planning to go out, we just kinda hop in.
Although we have our allowance cut down, the amount is till too much, for me. I could buy 73 'Goggle' jeans. Or having 1620 nasi bujang. Or buying 64800 sweets. It depends on individual, anyway.
 This will be the last time I eat this meal: KFC. I am now sure that I dislike it.
 RM45.80 ... expensive? Not actually. If this book can start a revolution, that price is nothing.
Aisyah and Syalviana were going somewhere else, so, I have no photo of them.

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