Terminal One; First Time (ii)

 - Terminal 1, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan [I just yawned]. 27/01/2013 
Finally I have the chance to complete the second, next and last sequel of my previous post. I was trying very hard to seek free space-continuum for myself to get into my sofa and start typing, because the line sucked earlier. Now that I have the chance...
 Did some unnecessary editing. Turns out weird =..="
This is my pride. It captures discipline, robustness, as well as superior paint finishing.
A tunnel. In the middle of a state capital. That is awesome. I was just wondering the true use of these socket panels they installed on the wall, along thereof.
Irony. I do not blame him for anything though, as I uphold the spirit of diverse understandings.
 Sun, waving goodbye.
And Moon, boasting her unbeatable radiance. If only all girls learn how beautiful Moon is, despite her porous countenance; she be what she is. No make-ups. Anyway, that is all, folks. In short, Seremban is: colorful, dazzling, sensual for urban and amateur photographer like me, ominous and most of all Tawau-ish. 

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