Terminal One; First Time (i)

- Terminal One, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan [first time here in Seremban]. 26/01/2013 
So, yesterday; me, along with some other sixty colleagues of mine went out to town. Some were dropped at JUSCO, some at Terminal One (us!!) and the rest continued their journey to Kuala Lumpur, with an extra fare of RM4.00. I fell in love with this town, the first day I wandered through it. What a fine civilization they have here.
Our destination. This shopping complex has it all: from computer workshops, to boutique, to apparel shops and even a Sony Xperia exclusive lot. I enjoyed it. But since it will only open past ten o'clock, we made a short campaign--strolling around town (oh my grammar. Something is fishy with my preceding sentence).
It has this 'Tawau factor'.
May they serve the nation with sincerity and with taqwa. Amen.
Zulfadhli has a major loss of few good pounds. Kudos to his nutrition plan. I will have both my palms spread, brother.
 "My people need me..."
 I particularly love this picture. It describes Seremban well: tranquil, beautiful, yet fulfilling.
 Two Borneo girls joined our party.
 At first, Aldzarfiq spotted Times Square, but then: *POOF!* mere mirage...
Cam-whoring. Haha. I discriminated them. "Accidentally".
Do wait for two or three more parts :)


Wardah said...

hehe..oppsss.. I'm not sarawakian girl..hehe.. I'm sabahan bha..hehe :)

Sven Medyona said...

Okay. Will be correcting that, right away.