Tawau, As I Know It

- Tawau, Sabah [celebrating the last five days of holiday]. 25/12/2012 
Today is a very special day to Christianity. I am not going to make any special greeting or whatever to them, as it is against my religion's teaching, so fellow Muslim reader, calm down. I just want/hope mankind can live side by side in prosperity, albeit the differences we have regarding our religion. Lets get back to business.
This is a nearby mosque. I rarely perform my salah (prayer) here, since the term 'nearby' means 'the nearest' (I think). It is almost 700 meter away from my house, plus those wretched wandering street gangsters who always on a hunt of easy prey; I choose to be with my brother in fulfilling the obligation.
Bus is the most favourable kind of transportation here. And since many choose it as means on moving from one place to another, it is not surprising for you to sometimes, being unlucky of not getting any seat. There'll always be a silent contest for a seat. Haha
Grace Plaza. Though rather small, this plaza is a sanctuary for some citizens (that includes me) to seek shelter from the hot, blazing sun. I mean, at its peak, the temperature here can be as high as, I do not know... 32 degrees Celsius? It is relatively hotter than any other cities I have ever been.
Me ma (I call her ibu, though). She is, by far, the strongest woman alive, since she managed to have raised me into this guy who writes this very entry (nonsensical). By that, she is the luckiest, too :P
Just like these bricks, Tawau is built and strengthened by the will power of many people, who will themselves to live together as a family. Democracy here is peaceful and without rhetoric. Both Federal Government and Oppositions deliver well.
And since it is a city built on shore (it goes back to how you define 'shore'), storms are more than normality. The way we treat these raging storms is similar to how we treat faraway traders. We swap things; they switch our temporary calmness with fertile soil. I would go to the point of saying that, without them, life here would be different. Or boring.
Our district library. It is a paradox feeling whenever I see youngsters here. Not sure if this is indeed a library to them, or simply a dating site (literal site, I mean), which for me, quite a sad thing. If I could, I would yell at them, "Get a sijil nikah (marriage certificate, and a room, dude!" =.=" 
The building on the left used to be a cinema. The last film I watched here, was 'Jurrasic Park'. Tawau's recent cinema is approximately 1.5 kilometers away.
Despite the development, post-war buildings can still be cherished, stacking randomly all over the city. I love to stare at them, hoping that they will somehow narrate it to me what they have witnessed for the past five, six decades. They are so gloomy with tiredness and industrialization.
Someone is sad, right now. His (probably her) bottle of cordial shattered. No "50 glasses of goodness" for you, whoever you are.
Komfa, the best food court in the whole Milky Way.
Man-made and God-made are what make up Tawau (but then, all is from Him).
God always Wins. Thanks for reading ^.^

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