Several Parts Of Souls

- Tawau, Sabah [it's holiday! ...aaaaand it's gone!]. 28/12/2012 
Without further ado, from left of the leftest photo-let: my sister (Kak Ieka), my second bro (Ajid) and my tiniest, lil bro (Adek). That super cool guy wearing 'Converse' is my second oldest bro (Jerry).
Several days back, we went shopping. Well, blame those discounts and cut down promotions. I was only intended to needing some fresh air. All of a sudden, them. SO, blame them. Most of the purchases were mine. Hahaha. What a shop-a-holic. Anyway, let the pictures tell the rest of the story.
I love all of 'em, including the rest of my family members who didn't go along with me.

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