Conditional Eager

- Tawau, Sabah [savouring the last week at home]. 23/12/2012 
Have not I told you before? Time ticks fast. So fast, we are so used and do not realize it. The last thing we remember was when we attended the first day at school and POOF! Here we are.  By the time we make an eye blink, other changes takes place somewhere else around the globe. Sometimes, on of them can be about or of us. We are agents of changes and reformation.
Days that pass are alike to peeling a banana's skin. Little by little, despite the pain and aggression, time turns us into someone else--not new,albeit different--but with all, brand new experience. We become even "ourselves". Praise God!
But, as usual, everything has drawback (as everything is imperfect). Time cannot be rewound. Realizing that, one must strive to the fullest to make the best out of it. Do not just let ourselves getting drifted by it and end up washed ashore. Nor should we brave the current. Just... do not get drowned in the vortices that go to God-know-where.
Survive like a man!

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