- Gabai River, Selangor [getting all wet and happy//no pun intended]. 07/11/2012 
So, how's your preparation for the 21/12/2012 Apocalypse? Well, I have none whatsoever. Simply because I don't need it. Just like the supposed 'Rapture', 21/12/2012 is no more but unscientific hocus pocus. Bhahahah, me; getting philosophical. So yeah. We went to Gabai RIver to do some pre-semester revision- darn! Of course we're going to just, let ourselves wild. Hahaha. What's happening to me? I'm being so hyperactive!
Saw this scenery; gotten enthused;  photography.
 Bought some breakfast at a stall. Dude, the nasi lemak was nice.
Meet the driver and the owner of the car.
I felt refreshed just by looking at it.
Mein fuhrer. Hahaha, it's our first time getting out together. InshaAllah, we'll be doing this more often.
Our things.
Sky was very warm, but not too warm. Just nice.
Guess whose...
Hi there, Mr Froggy! ^.^
Going home (hostel LOL).

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