Of Purity

- IPGK Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [betrayed {dunno why}]. 23/10/2012 
At times in life, we need to face the truth that not everyone likes us. Some perhaps show it, and some (more) others don't. They smile and laugh with us, but when we're not around, they laugh at our deficiencies. I have faced many people of this kind and you know what; your anger and hatred will only feed their evilry even more. That's why I'm still smiling despite these deep gushes I have all over my body (awh, the heroic Sven! Hahahaa).
Sometimes, I just feel like having my vengeance. Stabbing them right on their chest repetitively. But remembering that's the whole Satan's idea; creating enmity between two Adam children, I hold that war-mongering sentiment. I believe patience hurts even more than blades of hatred (literally).
Take a step back, people. Whenever the waves hit too close, reverse off the beach a pace at a time. It's not to keep you from whatever thing you adore about the sea, but to save yourself whenever it chooses to betray. A pure, running water is wet. Drowning, remember?
It hurts. And it's hard, I know. Leaving whilst the party is still going on; people throwing pies at each other's face, song is still rolling, drinks served- it is like that so we would not love again (oh, what am I blabbering) the one we should be leaving. The thing is: just... go away.
But remember:
 ...that whatever you do to yourself, don't change your attitude towards him/her/them/it.
Because the difference between a hater and a noble man is: the former leaves whilst still has lots of duties undone.
And the latter, despite being hurt, maintains his nobility by accomplishing his role.
 And that my friend,
...is simply the ultimate purity.

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