Friendship (i)

- KLCC, Kuala Lumpur [inhaling contently]. Sunday: 07/10/2012 
I have been writing in this blog for almost an annum now, and have been blabbering so much about life and all that exist in it. It's kind of boring. Tell you what, let me introduce you readers to a different world. A world that Plato would've described as "better than Atlantis", or Socrates would dub as "the utopia that needs no police" (ah, screw the introduction). That world's name is (no, not love)...
Friendship. Yes, you read it right. And why did I say it as better than Atlantis? Read thoroughly, fellow muggles (kidding).
Hey, remember the last time you shed tears and he/she patted you on your back, consoling you? He/She who never gives up on believing you, despite you, yourself is in total self-denial? That one person who always be there, allaying your grief and ever-readily spreads his/her arms so that you could jump in, protecting yourself from the harm the world does everyday? Yeah, that's her/him. Friend.
He/She always looks you very high, despite you humbleness, doesn't he/she? Although that, he/she never wills other to manipulate you and your excessiveness. He/She protects you with all his/her might, and still be able to smile. Yeah, that's her/him again.
Well, those definitions are impractical and merely ideal. I have devised my own definitions, and here what best friend is for me.
He (I'm done with the slashing. It'll be only 'he' from now on) accepts you for what you are and never hopes to be accepted.
He guides you through the tunnel, and at the end of it, waving you goodbye with sincere smile.
He constantly reminds your of your akhirah (Hereafter) without forgetting your right on Earth to  enjoy.
And when there is a concert which its band you both admire, and the ticket sold out; he hands you his only ticket and insists.
He never ought to be listened, but a damn good listener.
He is like an Ansar and you are a Muhajirin; he sacrifices what he can, not just what he must.
He always sheds tears for your grief, smile for your success and never does claim his losses.
The one who says--after all has been successfully waded, and you've got your trophy--"I just want your hug".
Your second lover.
The one who calls you a swan, eventhough you're an ugly duckling.
He never cares other. He always "heart"s you.
Yeah, sometimes you ignore him. But once you on your knees; defeated, you turn back and found he is still standing there. 
The one who, if it isn't because of gender similarity, would propose you (haha).
I mean, he... *paused*
Shows you that the way to the surau is this way.
...that Holy Koran says so-and-so.
He enjoys it so much in saying that love is a cruel hijacker of friends, but is your strongest accomplice in chasing yours.
To be continued...

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