Education (This Is Gonna Be Boring)

- IPGK Ipoh, Perak [winning like a boss]. 19-21/10/2012 
Yeah. First runner-up wasn't as bad as no winner. It was cool, before Michael Schumacher said this: "Second winner is the first loser". Curse you, Mike. Ahaahaha. Anyway, all praise is due to Allah.
 And here I am, bragging 'bout my first experience being someone.
 *vroom vroom!! VROOOMM!!!*
Success spells itself weird.
I mean, 'random' has anything to do with 'chaos'?? How come 'success' can only be pointed by 'efforts'?
Wasn't sincerity played the biggest role?
And education:- why is it so important? If success doesn't spell itself simply because it's unable to, then what should we expect from education?
And these random, mingled and mixed thoughts; who on Earth could justify it as failure?
 Wasn't that bad, was it? The non-educational captions above.
That's why, success can't spell itself. Someone has to. With knowledge. And knowledge comes with efforts. Sincerity is the emblem. Aren't they?

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Budak Superb said...

Waaahhh... kalo aku tau ko ikut ari tu, memang jadi aku wakil kampus aku. Wakakaka... tapi x ada rezeki nak buat cemana. Aku pun mau jumpa AGUSIS yang Ipoh sana. Huhuhu...