Days & Sacredness

- IPG Kampus Pendidikan Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [elevated]. Sunday: 07/10/2012 
Wow, love is in the air everywhere! I see rainbows and flowers raining down. I see the sky's turning pink and a red Vespa passes by. Am I high? What is this wonderfulness? Hahaha (in before, all the pictures have got nothing to do with the entry).
You know, to see your friends smile over and about the secret, sacred sacrifices that you have made for them. The feeling is so enlivening, eventhough the aftermath kills you softly from inside out.
I always rehearse it to myself (sometimes, while hitting my head on the table) to always take all the losses as currency for 'ajr (rewards). Some day, somehow, these things that we did in the name of loving our own kind will be repaid by God. As long as you're doing them in the righteous way.
This is how I usually look life. "Sven, this will all be over. Hold on a little longer"
And today, this early morning, I had my resporatory complication. Complication of what I don't know, but, I was praying hard. If this is how I end, I just hope I have done good enough for my friends and families and have been a good servant of His. I just hope all the days I've spent could buy me something in the akhirah.
You know, booster or teleporter or something that can assure my arrival at His Gate of Jannat.
Amin =)

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