Wabbit, Wabbit Avewy-whew

- Haji Samuri's Satay Restaurant, Kajang [burping]. 25/09/2012 
Thanks Zudien for being kind enough to invite me to an exotic dinner (for me, at least). Although costed a lot, I did enjoy in savouring every bits and parts of it. Especially the rabbit satay. Ahahahaha.
Razvi, having his first bunny satay. I was so terrified when the imagination of a bunny with its throat slaughtered hopping here and there for its last. Blood's everywhere. LOL. 
Mine wabbit. It tastes the same as chicken, except it is a bit turgor. You'd have to put all your heart in chewing and tearing it apart from the stick. Now, off to build a wabbit cage...
 *burping softly and with manner*
Bought some jeruk (pickles) as something to chew on our way back.

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