Making Things Even Awkward

- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [sudden epiphany]. 16/09/2012 
In the midst of typing my assignment, an out-of-nowhere realization crashed into my circuit board. What if my jodoh (fated soulmate) one of my bestfriends? Nadiah? Farahida? Farah Musa? Zudien (haha)? I feel so awkward right now. Curse you, feeling! Anyway, those mentioned: do not be worried. I'm still controllable.
Razvi. I just love this guy and his humorous remarks about life. He's wise behind his jokes. I bet all of us (the IPG-ians) are well-versed with this. He has also taught me many things about life. Like, you should not think for/from your own stance only. We debated many times via blog, and he's a superb thinker =)
At The Mines. Well constructed, I'd say. They have this canal in the middle of the building, with which tourists are taken to a tour to God-Knows-where. I pleaded them to hop in, but they refused. Ahhnnnevermind. I'll go some other day. ANyone? ;D
 Three guys, one symbol. It was Apple. My amateur editing made its form gone.
Uhm, uhm! *clearing throat*. Hope you'll wed your dreamt girl. You guys will look sweet together in a washy pink attires. I'm looking forward to go to your solemnization :D
 I personally love this <3

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