- Kuala Lumpur [what a day!]. 10/09/2012 
What would you get if four persons who love each others go out together? A complete wonder! HAHAHA. Yesterday was simply the best day anyone could ever experienced. There were jokes and subjects of laughter everywhere, there were tears of joy, gossips to be talked and so much more. Though I spent less than RM30.00, the fun meant a world to be. Thanks, guys/gals.
 With one glimpse, you would see us as siblings. Seriously!
I spotted this and LT26i took instantaneous action. I can only dream of having a woman like this. I don't deserve it :( (oit, swerving away).
Farahida: a beautiful girl, though sometimes has low self-esteem. She's a great conversator.
 Sven (me); a man of his world.
 Siamese twins. If you look closely, you'd see their shared umbilical cord.
Nadiah; a very beautiful girl. Many boys seem to be attracted to her (I'm a gossiper). I don't, though. Hahaha. A wonderful listener and kind-hearted, too. Interested?
 Central Park.
Izzuddin; a sexy, popular and good guy. Untunglah girl who chooses him as her lifetime partner. Has endless humorous ideas.
Satomi Ishihara. My newest crush? No! I'm her newest crush.
Ahahaha. "Childish mode engaged!". We didn't give a damn about other people looking at us. We enjoyed it.
 Please put some ice on your laptop. This is too hot to handle. Hahaha XD
Sayang Sahabat Saya Selamanya.

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