- Kota Kinabalu, Sabah [bumpy]. 02/09/2012 
It has been a wondrous journey, isn't it? I mean:- 2012. I've gained many things and lost a whole lot more but nevertheless the fun ceases. This is not a right time to write the annual reflection, but lets just pretend this post isn't. The ideas are scaterred, though.
I have traversed many lands, I have waded many waters and met with diverse people; I've learned the way of a wayfarer, the living skills of hipster and with these being said, I'm ready to have someone as, well, you know. Hahaha. Kidding~
 I bet this year will end good. The Mayan will found their apocalyptic premonition wrong. We'll survive 2012.
Humanity: don't look too low on it. It has gone through Ice Age, barbarians, New Millenia. 21.12.2012? Bring it on!

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