One Of The Best Days Of My Life

 - Bandar Tun Razak>Times Square [seriously happy]. 12 August 2012 
Yesterday was the happiest, most wonderful day of my days in this term. That is because my BFFs; Yaacob Latiff, Gurujiwang and me went shopping. I had so much fun, despite the hunger, and thirst that constantly distracted me from buying things. In TAR and Sogo, all I did was window shopping and nothing else. Gurujiwang bought his robe and praying cap, I bought many-many things and Amer got back to collge with nothing in hand. But nevertheless, I saw him as equally entertained. 
Thanks guys. It's rare for me to be enjoying shopping. The only things I buy whenever I go out are beverages, plain shirts and A4 paper. Yesterday, I almost emptied my bank account. Well, I don't even sorry. Directly to photos.

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