Chocolate Supreme

- Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur ['mnot sure whether to put location where I type this or location where the photos are taken]. 09 August 2012 
Hello guys. A sneak peek about what we did last night to our wallet. We went to Leisure Mall, to grab the chance to have a free scoop of Baskin Robbin (ugh, grammar Nazi required). We didn't get it, not even close. In fact, we failed miserably. The line was as long as the hydrocarbon molecule of decane. We didn't bother to wait, I mean come on; it doesn't pay off equally the patience.
However, we DID have a chocolatey evening. My friends treated me cake, cupcake and sundae, altogether, chocolate-based. I savored much till my throat got sore. Anyway, thanks guy (ah, my list of friends just got even longer).
This one is stupendous. Splendidly made and Zudien: thanks bro.

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zudien said...

Gila lah gambar first tu~ x perasan kot...