-  IPG Teknik Kuala Lumpur [revived?]. 13/07/2012 
If religious means fully practicing Muslim, I ain't dare saying that I am one. I am closer to spiritual, I think. I always- and eternally- enjoy throwing my humble sight upon the heaven, looking deep into it, thinking of my significance, and alas; comparing myself to those glimmering stars. Who am I? What is my pertinence? 
Pondering that, I couldn't help myself from being lured to submit to my infinitesimality. And almost simultaneously, as my ego falls short, subsiding; a Greater Power takes place. Filling myself with conscience and bliss no science methodology can ever provide.
 It's both funny and wondrous how "submission" means literally "islam" in Arabic. And Islam? -that's my religion, at least for now. Can't find anything better, till the time being. Perhaps, it is the truth. My heart says it is. Its plain simplicity, radiance and values which have beatified me; is incomparable to anything. 
And a non Muslim may ask: "Sven, what if Islam is wrong and you're thrown to Hell?"
I'll say to God before He Throws me into therein: "Thanks God, for having created me in a way of life (deen)  I will always ask to live in repeatedly. If this is what it means to be a Muslim, I don't feel sorry".
Happy Jumu`ah and may God keep us on His Righteous Path. Amen. 


farahida ibrahim said...

nice pic yg paling bawah!!!!rindu zaman ppismp dulu..:')

Sven Medyona said...

Zaman penuh kekalutan itu, eah? Ahaha-