- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [hurt (lolol, stereotypical). 19/07/2012 
Sometimes, it's hard to mend a broken heart. Sometimes, it's hard to replace what's been part of us. Sometimes, it's hard to detach ourselves from our loved ones, even though it's for the good sake. And most of the time, we can only persevere; enduring the challenges.
The photo above is my first Sony Xperia S product. Looks just the same as Satio, but with slightly greater details. Love it, and I think the money I spent on it paid off. And the nom de plum of this blog? Shall I change it to Nope. Satio still towers over. Bhahahaha.


Fara Nur Al Din said...

bubbye yacin satio :(

Sven Medyona said...

It's hard to say goodbye. I put her in my drawer.

The day after, I opened the drawer, just to make sure that she's there, and doing fine.

Her LED waspulsating weak. She's out of charge. Just rechecked her: she's gone. Out of gauge.

*AHH! Onion-cutting ninja is here*