Vacation V

- Tawau district, Sabah [exhaling heavily]. 15/06/2012 
The vast stretch of miles and miles of ocean is an unbelievable manifestation of God. When you stare at it deep enough, you will begin to see how powerful that one drop of water can do to us. To corrode us. Dehydrates us. Suffocates us with its humble salinity. Then, comes the thought: "Oh God, I'm so dependant upon Your Mercy..."
Imagine ourselves floating in the nowhere of ocean. Alone, in the dark. Without foods and drinks. Trust me, we will almost naturally shrink to our modest timidness. Oh, how minute us are compared to Him. This will in turn, cast longing. I don't know how to explain it, but it does. Every single time. We just have to spend extra time discovering that sense of missing ourselves. 
And when you do feel it, thank God. You're among the chosen ones.

P/S: This camera is getting blurrier, no?

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