Vacation IV

- Tawau district, Sabah [less than a week away from stress]. 13/06/2012 
It seems that the more we want something, the less we care for other things. So, obsession and extreme desiring will ultimately lead to the ignorance of other things. Well, this law applies to all of us; be it man or woman, young and old. It is not something we can choose from the box of predestination, humans are predestined to be that way.
This is why, I think, Islam urges its followers to be obsessive towards Allah SWT. When you are obsessive towards Him, nothing in this world would hurt you. Not your ex, your back-stabbing friends, nor the losses of your beloved ones and/or things, because you believe Allah, the One you're obsessed with, is the Best Planner. All that you would care is His Blessing unto you and those around that you love. Nothing else matters, you would become invincible to all provocations and turbulations. And that's just ... gorgeous.

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