Vacation III

- Tawau district, Sabah [listening]. 06/06/2012 
Olla readers! If you're wondering what's the above picture is all about:- it was taken on 6th February 2012, which is about four months ago, during our night stroll (Hazwan, Razvi, Aizat and I) through a night in KL metropolis. Gained many things, though lost some things. Guess, that's how effective education works. Sacrificial.
Sacrificial is the attribute of gaining, I think. It somehow follows Newton's Second Law of Motion, where an action (sacrifice) will cause an opposing, equal reaction. In the light of this, then, the more sacrifice have you, the more the result values. Thus, lifetime sacrifice (commitment) will pay you a lifetime joy.
Therefore, do it!
It worth the risk :)

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