Vacation II

- Tawau district, Sabah [reminisce]. 05/06/2012 
This photo was taken on the 4th of February 2012, in Times Square building. I was shopping all by myself when I heard a commotion just down the foyer:- first floor of that huge building. It seemed to be filled with this weird, but honest smell of unity, as well as festivity. I long that moment, where I first-hand not only being the witness of the event but the actual participant of it, along with hundreds of other foreigners and locals. All having their wonderful time 
Just in case, I'm not religiously affinitive to Gong Xi Fat Choi (which I believe the festivity was about). I was just being sincere loyal citizen whose affection towards nationalism is high. I believe every man has been born to  the ground he should sustain and develop.

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