Resident Evil

IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [brace yourself: they're coming *cocking gun*]. 27/06/2012
I really want to be one of the 'Resident Evil' superheroes. I want to feel the excitement, the moment when adrenaline is pumped almost incessantly, as I point my gun, shooting the undead armies. To adapt to the smell of decaying flesh and carcasses. To ultimately, survive. That'd be the greatest day of my life, where the separating line between my life and death is at the very end of my gun. 
If I'm out of ammo, I'll fully utilize my proficiency in dealing with machete. I'll slice-and-dice those stubborn meat eaters and incinerate them, if I needed to. The hatred and sub-humanness that these creatures hold in them, will be my fuel to keep shooting. I ain't die by them. Na`a`ah~ 
Anyway, this picture was taken last night. I went to draw some money and I passed by a lonely alley. I thought I'd get blurry, noisy scene, but as it turned out; the whole cinematic view was well-captured. I added in 'Cinema', 'Portra' filter, 'Deepen' mode and 'Contrast' lighting.

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