Home Sweet Home :')

- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [missing home]. 22/06/2012 
This is probably my 508th post. And since I like this number for its evenness, I want to share something very valuable; something that I like so much. Perhaps love would be the  actually precise description about how I feel towards this very dearly matter.
My home.
It's not that fancy like any other houses are. It has no gates, fences nor security devices. It is painted with plain navy blue and pale white, and has been standing there for almost fifty years (our family moved here about three, four years ago). Many memories are carved, just as much as pains and hardships that we somehow - as a family - managed to pull through.
Its content is equivocally decorated with simplicity and moderation. We have no chandeliers nor tapestries. our only entertainments are: playing with kittens, Internet surfing, and watching television. We are not an Astro subscriber anymore, so there're only five channels. Most of the time, the TV is turned off. See? How poor I am. 
Despite these underprivileged lifestyle, despite our limited affordability, we live happily than most people. It further intensifies my understanding about why money is not the key to happiness.

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