- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [being patient]. 25/06/2012 
A sequel for my previous post. Although I still insist of saying: "Life gets hard". It really is (at least for me). Confused. Destructed. Though at some moments, I feel celebrated. I stood up this morning, addressing Miss Tan's point of forgiveness. It's not a debate, it was an intellectual, emotional sharing. I said justices comes first and that forgiveness is a type of justice.
It's not easy, more than proper to just forgive, without learning anything from the mistake made; be it yours or others'. And when you're hurt, you must learning on how to be rational, to set line between forgiveness and punishment, or you'll be prone to manipulations. I've through this kind of situation and frankly, I can't forgive people so easily. I'll hold grudge.
I know this childish deed isn't healthy for you:- as Miss Tan put is, "It'll make you feel burdened". Whereas the wound is with you, you should be able to just let things go and carry on. But looking at the scar, any rational man would and should always remember how it happened.
 That fateful incident, you've had...
 ...and be kept reminded that you don't have to go through the pain again; repeating the wound...
 Because no matter how moralized and kind you are... have dignity. You have full authority over yourself, more than anyone else. You can choose to hate, forgive, keep and just face the music, bury the hatchet; handing over the olive branch or even being prudential. And most of all...
 ...have Him.
94:4 "For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease."
Just hold on tight .^_~.

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