- IPG Kampus Pendidikan Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [Second post of the day~BOO YEAAHHH!!]. 15/05/2012
Portfolios are burdening. Being a teacher trainee-a hardly working , teacher trainee-I hate when it comes to the time when I need to complete them all. I mean, what do these heaving things mean? We'll be just, printing, photocopying, e-mailing, highlighting, copy-pasting, mind mapping, graphically organizing and so on. But do we learn in as we make portfolio to completion? I think, for the educational system of Malaysia to change, it needs to eliminate this mechanistic and bureaucratic system. It won't do a good damn, except paper wastage and priceless time consumption. Government, we're practising progressivism, but you give us loads of shits that need to be meaninglessly accomplished!
I kind of anarchic when it comes to the perplexity of Malaysia's system. So many things that this nation does, are against the rhetorical stuff that they blabber. For instance; student should be taught all sorts of thing in order to have an intelligent mass of citizen: this is so paradoxic. When you want yourself to be fully kineticized, you need to sacrifice potenciality. You can't have both stress and strain at their peaks (now science things begin to be vomitted). Seriously. If you want one to be an athlete and he wants moreover deserves it, then makes him to be one. Don't force him to be something else, like; "Hey kid, now you've become Usain Bolt. Tomorrow, you'll be going to study; be Einstein~". Good grievance!
But then, maybe, it's just me. Maybe my laziness has caused me to be so critical upon the system that's enforcing things I don't like and lack interest in. And as I have vowed below (blog's policy), I won't be writing and posting political nonsense. I will cut posts like this off. From now on.

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