- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [stuck between novel and portfolio]. 15/05/2012.
I rarely drive my Volkwagen Polo to workplace. The car’s engine will only ignite for three reasons; to invite my mother from the airport when she intends a visitation, or to go for long land tourism. As for the third purpose, which I think will take some time before it can be realized: is to depart off the bungalow for my solemnization. Ah, I need not woman, I think. Having life single and carefree, I am puzzled to why my mother wants so much me getting married. She said somewhere back then, “I want to have a grandchild to cuddle”. I did not respond to that of her, but holding back my laughter, imagining the road to get to that. (chuckles naughtily). 
(Sven Medyona,  'The Life That I Want', 2012)

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