- IPG Kampus Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [rather, senseless]. 18/05/2012. 

"Ten days after, 9th June 1987, as the Sun rose from behind the hills, shining the world, the entire nation was shocked again by the destructive massacre that befell Troule’s entire family members. Fifteen of them were fatally severed. The scenery of the mansion--the killing site--by the time sun light overbanked through its windows and walls was so horrid. All of them died in a very same way with the report of Port Dickson."
I've written about twenty short stories already. Articles? Ahh, abundant of it! I don't know what nerve has driven me, but I find peace and satisfaction once I get to put my fingers down and read them, myself. As if I'm reading myself. People have asked me to send them so any press or publications, but I'm still not that good. Still honing myself, getting it used to this linguistic atmosphere. 
I don't just write in English, but in Malay, too. I try to defend both's correct usages and importance. Anyhow, my favourite article is, which is in Malay is, 'Beauty: Truth or Perception?'. 'The Case of Judith Troule' is my second (or is it third?) short story. Above is its excerpt.

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