Who We Call Friends

- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [wondering]. 14/05/2012. 
Friendship. People said that, it is an unsinkable ship. I say, well then, it's no cool either. Submarine is <<back in all seriousness>>. Seriously guys, what makes a friend? If I am to meet a human, what does it take and how much time would it consume before I can call thereof a friend? Is friend a recognition? If not, then is it an evaluation? Or is it a a man whose league is common to us?
As for me, no matter what  the definition is, it'll always mean something far more interesting and important that those etymological understandings. For me, one is indeed a friend as long as he accepts you, loves you, cares for but not caress (for that will lead to somewhere else) you, protects you even though he has to inflict all the damages, cautiously avoid himself from promising something, and if he is, will make up with his words as fast and as perfect as he can. He tries to be like you, impersonates you, always looks up for you and be the first to crane over, looking for you when something bad happens: this is what friend really is, for me. I am left with several.


Mawaddah Aufa said...

There's a big ship, and a small ship but the best ship is sail... eh... friendship :P

p/s: i dont see any tudung or brooch :P

Sven Medyona said...

Sail ship? It ain't cool. Submarine can breathe underwater LOL.

Hehe, nak ke? Hah, marilah; ada tudung Ina, tudung Warnia, Yuna. Hana Tajima punya tudung pun ada sekali ni hah...