- IPG Kampus Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [mooned]. 08/05/2012 
First thing first; do not try to Google (and NEVER GoogleImage) the word 'mooned' LUL. I don't mean that kind of mooned. What I mean is, mooned in a sense of being exposed to moonlight. I like being mooned. And, and, and... last night, she appeared in her best dress. She wore a decent night gown of faint clouds. Satio is a loser in taking luminescent object at night, so I couldn't come up with the best picture of my baby. These two are the best that Satio caught. Sorry (hey, why should I??)
Recently in the Internet, the supermoon phenomenon has become a phenomenal subject. Supermoon is a natural, cosmic occurrence which happens only once in a century (or so). The last time was on 1902. So, it is simply a situation where the moon sits nearer to us, her only neighbor and thus, creating a condition of it showing up 30% bigger on the night sky. And get this: you can see it even sky's clearest day.  
But the day has passed. You cannot catch one again but on approximately the year 2124. I can't even guarantee that my grandchildren would be able to see it. So for those who missed it, kill yourself, dude! Akhahahahaha. Kidding. This happens probably fifty times in a hundred years.
Anyway, below are my all time supermoon photo choices. Accreditation is given via floating caption.

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